Merry Christmas!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year! We had a great year this year! It was so much fun since the boys are at such great ages.

Fred & I had to work on Christmas Eve, {the fun of working in retail} but got out in time to get the boys at my parents house & all go to church together.

We had just enough time before church to take a few pictures.

Here are our little GQ models, workin it for the camera!

Such little nuts!
After church we went to Fred's mom's so the kids could open some gifts. When we were leaving her house Fred happened to look up into the sky & notice "SANTA & Rudolf" {an airplane}! Ethan was so extremely excited!! He kept yelling "hi Santa!!! , Dont forget me!" He was totally frantic thinking we wouldnt get home in time & Santa wouldnt stop at our house! It was so cute, & to think at some point in all of our lives we all Believed w/ all of our hearts!
When we got home we hurried to get Santa's milk & cookies & carrots for the reindeer. Ethan has never been in such a rush to go to bed!

Collin really wanted to try Santa's chocolate milk!

Santa has left the building!!

Ethan woke up early Christmas morning ready to go open gifts. Collin on the other hand didnt wanna get up! {he takes after his mommy!}

Ethan was in complete awe! Collin immediately went to the drawing easel just like I knew he would!

Because they fight over everything, Santa made sure to bring 2 of almost everything! Ethan for months had been saying he wanted a "crane truck", so he was very excited to open one & then to see his brother got one too!

Here they are sitting nicely at their new table opening their stockings.

Here is Ethan being a Christmas elf delivering daddy his gifts.

Check out my Monster truck bathrobe!

"Look mommy Santa ate all of his cookies & drank all of the chocolate milk! And he left us a letter!"

Someone's being naughty! Trying to sneak upstairs.

After opening gifts & having brunch we got ready for our family to come over for the day.

Here is my sister helping them open gifts from her & her fiance & Grammy & Grampy.

Wow the boat & submarine I wanted!

Look. . I got my own tools!

We had a great day! My parents got us a Wii & everyone spent the night playing! Didnt realize how competitive everyone is! Ethan was a little "cheerleader" he was jumping around shouting "go Daddy, go Daddy" "go Mommy, go Mommy" for everyone when it was their turn! He even picked up the dog's chew ropes & used them as pompoms!! It was so funny!
Hope everyone has a safe, healthy & happy New Year!!


Our Trip to Delaware & Hershey

We had Ethan's annual trip to Delaware to AI duPont Hospital to see Dr. Bober & Dr. McKenzie last month (I know, I am way . . . way behind!!). This year we tryed to make it a fun little vacation too. I really dont want him years from now to remember his doctors trips to be long unpleasant trips. It takes us almost 6 hours to drive down, someone always seems to get car sick, we have to make several potty stops, & everyone ends up gouchy! So this year I got ahold of Melissa & made plans to stop and meet her & Sonya on the way down since they live right along on our way. Many of you have probaly already read her post since I am way behind!

We met them at the Chic-fil-a reteraunt in their town. They have a great little play area for the kids. It was the perfect place for the boys to release their hours of pent up energy!

Ethan in the tube.

Collin in the tube!

Melissa & sweet Sonya sliding.

Our attempt at a group pic!

Collin being himself! A crazy little monkey!

Unfortunatly our visit didnt end well. Sonya insisted on going down the slide herself, and for those of you who know about her, you know she is very fragile! She ended up coming down the slide & catching her shoe, which caused her to fracture her leg in two spots! It was awful! I seriously dont know how Melissa does it but she handles it so well! Fred & I felt sheer panic, & she was so calm! We helped her get Sonya splinted & into the van, then she was off to the ER & we were off to Delaware.

Good news is Ethan saw Dr. Bober & Dr. McKennzie & got a "He's perfect" from both of them! YAY! This means we can keep this a yearly trip & not a bi-annual trip! This is great for us not only because of the long trip but also because we have to pay out of pocket for the doctors visits because our insurance will not cover them!

So on our way home we made a trip to Hershey to have some fun. People had told me that the town smells like chocolate & didnt believe them! But it really did! It was great! The street lights were shaped like Hershey kisses too!

We had a great time visiting the factory! The week we were there was the first week of their Christmas displays. It was beautiful!

The boys LOVED the factory tour ride! So much that we did it twice!

These are the singing cows.

This year they had a new addition to their Christmas display, a house made out of Candy! It was adorable! The roof was made of chocolate bars, the walls made of white chocolate, lolly pops for strands of christmas lights, & stained glass windows made out of sugar.

We went to see a really cool 3D movie all about Chocolate!

Later that day we took a trolley ride around the town.

The kids got a great big surprise while on the Trolley tour when Santa hopped aboard!! And Santa passed out ornaments to all of the kids & they were all shocked that he knew all of their names! Ethan said " wow, mommy, that's the real Santa! He know's my name!"

Daddy w/ the boys in front of the factory.

Some of the beautiful light displays in the Hershey gardens.

Here are my 2 lil monkeys jumpin on the bed!!

Ethan relaxing after a long day of fun!

Collin stealing a sip of Ethan's juice box!

Now for any of you that have see the show "my name is Earl" you will get a kick out of this! When we arrived at the hotel in Hershey Ethan took one look at the place & said " I wanna stay upstairs like Earl & Randy!" LOL!!

And here is Collin on our way home after he got car sick. I had to spend a 1/2 hour on the side of the highway, in the middle of no where, cleaning his car seat w/ baby wipes! I had to strip his cloths off & had no clean outfits left so had to put his jammies from the nite before back on! Seriously, why cant we take a trip w/ out one of these kids getting car sick?? But the good thing was after we got back on the road both of the boys slept for almost 4 hours! We were able to get home much sooner than expected!


All of October!

I know, I am way . . way. . way behind in blogging! It's just been so busy here! So I'm gonna do my best to keep this post short & sweet, eventhough there is a bit of stuff to stick in it!

Here are my fav pics from our October visit with the Camengas!

Collin being Mr. Independant walking down a big hill all by himself!

This pic of Grace is just so beautiful!! Doesnt she look like such an angel?

Ethan & Seamus refused to let me get a good pic of them together, so I told them i'd just get a pic of their butts! So what did they do. . . both bent over & showed me their butts! Such wackos!

Here are the boys after we carved pumpkins!

Trick or treat!
This year Ethan decided back in June that he wanted to be a cowboy for Halloween. He never once changed his mind. So I thought it would be fun & easy to make his costume. After buying the fabric & all of the accessories I dove right in! Not too far into the project I realized I was crazy! What the heck was I thinking?!?! I am crafty, but not that crafty! Everytime I get my sewing machine out I want to throw it across the room! So Ethan & I sat down & looked online & found the perfect cowboy costume!

And the only sewing that needed to be done was the chaps had to be shortened, but that was easy enough to stick by hand.
This year Collin was a monkey! Surprized?!

Love the shot from behind with his cute lil tail & bannana in his pocket!

After trick or treating we met up with some friends at our local Firestation for a Halloween party.

And here are just a couple of pix from the day the boys went out to play in the leaves & help daddy leaf blow the yard.

So much fun!

Hope everyone had a great October! I promise I will post for November very soon!