An Award!


I was very surprised this morning to open my email & find this:


Dear Jennifer Weisser,

You have been identified as a leader in the Achondroplasia community. By sharing your personal, first-hand experiences with this disorder on your blog (The Weisser family), you have helped others. AccessDNA's mission is to help increase the awareness of both rare and common genetic disorders by creating accessible and reliable information on genetic conditions.  We respect your efforts and are privileged to distinguish your blog with the following award:

Achondroplasia Community Leader Award



Wow! Many of my friends in our “blogging family” have also recieved this award! Way to go ladies!!!





Last night Ethan & his best buddy Erik from school went to see the Monster Truck Jams with their dads. They had a blast!! Ethan has never seen a real Monster truck before, so he was very excited!! 

monster trucks 007                                             Ethan is half the size of the truck tires!!monster trucks 002monster trucks 003                        monster trucks 004

              They got to check out the trucks up close & meet a few of the drivers! monster trucks 006  Fred said he had to stick him in the tire! How many kids can fit perfectly in a tire like that?

monster trucks 010

monster trucks 011                          monster trucks 013   

                                          monster trucks 016

                                    There were dirt bikes doing jumps too! cool!

monster trucks 009                         monster trucks 018

And he said it was really cool when this mesh cage truck got stuck standing up & they had to bring out the crane truck to get it down!

Hanging out with your daddy, your best bud, Monster trucks, dirt bikes & crane trucks! That’s what Ethan calls a super fun night!!!


SwOrD FiGhT!!!!

Not very much exciting going on here lately to post about. Just going about our normal crazy day to day lives! And trying to enjoy the nice beginning of Spring we have been given.

Last weekend we enjoyed a nice Sunday with a visit from the Camengas. We love our monthly get together with them! We usually just hang around & spend a nice day relaxing & chatting while the kids all play. This time the boys broke out the foam swords! So this lead to the little boys & the big boys having a fun sword fight! It was very comical!

As you will notice the dads do not move from their seated positions!

Afterwords the kids all decided to go into the laundry room & "nap" together on the floor because Grace's baby doll was "napping" in there! Really not sure why they chose to "nap" in the smallest /most cluttered room in the house.
We always try to end our visits with a nice group picture. It's really hard to get them all to cooperate & look at the camera all at the same time. Collin was napping (for real this time) so he couldn't join in on picture time.

Cant wait until next months visit!


Elmo & the Sesame Street Gang

Last weekend we took the boys to see Sesame Street Live. This year's theme was "When Elmo Grows Up" We have now gone three years in a row. This year my best friend Kelly & her son Alex joined us. The kids all had so much fun! They were clapping, singing & dancing. Collin is really getting into Elmo right now so he was loving every minute of it!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ethan & Alex . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I had a little video clip too but blogger wont let me upload it. I tryed all day to upload it.