5 years in business

Wow! Time really does go by so fast! I can't even believe that this past week was the anniversary of my 5th year in business! For all who don't know, I own & operate a small salon here in Herkimer.

It seems like almost yesterday that after almost 6 years of working for other people, I decided it was time to stop making money for everyone else! I needed to do something on my own. Even if it meant I'd just "break even" every month, it would be well worth working for myself! I love that I don't have to answer to anyone!!!! I get to set my own hours. Which is great when you have two small children with doctors appointments, school, and everything else that comes up.

I have a woman named Michelle that works for me. She mostly specializes in Facials but does a little bit of everything else. She has been with me since the very beginning. (Well besides her 9 month break when she moved to Florida, but then she came back.)

Here are a few pictures of the salon inside & out!

This is the front entrance to the salon. I rent the downstairs appartment of this house.

It's small and simple. But it's all mine!




Wednesday night Ethan & I carved his first pumpkin!

He was really grossed out to see what was inside the pumpkin!

He insisted we had to wear our aprons so we didn't get messy!

He is sporting his new John Deere apron.

Unfortunately, Friday afternoon when we got home we realized someone had stolen our pumpkin! Ethan was very upset! He kept yelling "someone put my pumpkin back on my porch!!!!!!!" I guess next year we wont put our pumpkins out until the last minute!

Ok, and now the moment you've all been waiting for!

The big costume unveiling. . . . . .

It's a bird. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It's a plane . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

No. . . .


Actually, it's Super Ethan!!!!!

Check out those muscles!!!!

At his school Halloween party.

Superman gets real thirsty fighting crime!!!!!

And now . . . . . .

The cutest little animal!

My nickname for Collin may be "monkey" but for Halloween he was a cute little giraffe!

Always such a happy boy!

And on Halloween night our little giraffe was visited by the king of the jungle! This cute little lion is Brucker! Collin's best friend!

We only ended up trick or treating on our street this year. We really didn't need to have a ton of candy in the house! Plus the past two years Ethan has such fun just sitting on the porch handing out candy! We didn't end up having that many trick or treaters this year, so guess what we have a ton of ? I think we'll be eating candy until next Halloween!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!