MaMa. . . I Ready!!


Every morning in our house is a crazy mad rush to get ready & out the door in time. One day last week, I was packing up our stuff for the day & I told Collin “It’s time to go, lets get dressed & ready”. A minute later he yells from the other room “MaMa. . . I Ready!!” I walk in to find he started to dress himself! Still in his jammies, he decided he needed to wear his scarf, Ethan’s hat & his new favorite monkey boots!

 silly collin 001 silly collin 002 silly collin 003

My Silly,Silly lil Monkey Boy!!


a HaPpY eAsTeR!


This year I woke up early Easter morning to Ethan wide awake & standing next to my side of the bed saying “Mommy. . . Mommy. . . Get Up!! Mommy. . Get up! I wanna see what the Easter bunny brought us! . . . Come on. . . . Mommy. . . please!!!” Collin on the other hand did not want to get up! We practically had to pry him from his bed! But he woke up rather quickly once he got downstairs & saw his basket waiting for him to dig into!


easter 2010 012

Opening Easter baskets

 easter 2010 017easter 2010 016easter 2010 013  easter 2010 014  

                              “Awww. . . Baaluuwa cac sic” (blue chap stick!)

  easter 2010 015easter 2010 018

                                     “WOW!!!! I Got LEGOS!!!!!!!


Hunting for eggs!

easter 2010 021 easter 2010 022 easter 2010 025 

Poor Collin has a bit of a problem . . . . He has no butt!!! Even with a diaper on his pants never stay up! If I put a smaller size pants on him they are too short! The total opposite of Ethan, with his lil achon bubble butt & need for shorter pants! You will notice the progression of Collin loosing his jammy pants!


easter 2010 024

Diaper peeking out. . .

easter 2010 026

little bit more. . .

 easter 2010 027

oops there they go! . . .

easter 2010 028

And they are off!!


After Church 


After church service Collin decided to make Grampy take him for a walk up the street to check out a motorcycle! 

easter 2010 030 easter 2010 031 easter 2010 032

Later that afternoon we had our families & a few new extended additions to the family (my sister’s fiancĂ©'s parents & brother) over for a non- traditional Easter dinner. We decided since the weather was going to be so instead of having the traditional ham dinner we wanted to have a BBQ. It was so nice we all got to sit out on the deck to eat. & the kids enjoyed getting to play outside. Wish every year the weather could be nice enough to spend Easter outside! Wishful thinking for all of us in Upstate NY!!


Hope you all had a great Easter too!!