In Love????


Tonight at bedtime Collin was doing his usual “stalling” getting into bed. You know the whole game of “Me need a drink!”, “I happta (have to) go poop!”, “Me don’t know how go to sweep (sleep)!”…… Well he did all of these tonight & then completely floored me with this one-

Collin- “Mom… me happta tell you a sneakret (secret)”

Me- “what is it?”

Collin- “Gracie lobs (loves) Collin… Collin looobs (loooves) Gracie!”

Me- “Oh really!?!?”

Collin- “Yep…me do!”

Me- “Who told you Gracie does?”

Collin- “Hers did!


LOL!!!!!!!! Guess Emily & I are gonna have to start keeping a better watch on these two!!