Christmas Day *2010*



Santa has arrived!!

Christmas 2010 001

The dogs are always as excited as the boys are about Santa’s arrival!

Christmas 2010 003

“Oh – My - Goodness!! AC/DC Paper Jamz! Just what we wanted!”

Christmas 2010 004 Christmas 2010 005

“a Bobcat with a snowplow!”    and   “the orange snowplow truck I wanted!”

“This is the best Christmas ever!!!”

Christmas 2010 008  Christmas 2010 009

Team effort!      "What is it?”

Christmas 2010 010

“A new train!”

Christmas 2010 011

Christmas 2010 012

Christmas 2010 013Christmas 2010 014

“WOW! An aircraft carrier!!! Awesome!!”

Christmas 2010 016

This is what Buddy thinks about the boys getting all these presents!

Christmas 2010 018

My little artist!!

Christmas 2010 026Christmas 2010 028

After presents & breakfast clean up we got ready to have our family come visit for the day! We always have the holidays at our house, A few years ago I decided that I didn’t want to spend Christmas day cooking & cleaning, but wanted to be able to enjoy the day too! I wanted to be able to relax & watch the kids play with all of their new stuff! So I started an *Open House Christmas*. Anyone is welcome anytime after 1p.m., food is out all day, eat when ever you want, stay as long as you want & relax! It works out really well since some family members “house hop” and this way they can come whenever. I make all kinds of picky food ahead of time so I don’t have to do it that day!


This is our niece Sophia loving the new baby that we got her.

Christmas 2010 034

Collin zonked out! Such a rough life!

Christmas 2010 037

But after his nap he preformed a great little concert for us!

Christmas 2010 039

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!!

Twas the night before Christmas * 2010 *


Christmas Eve after church service we had a little photo session with my boys & my cousin’s two boys.


What a bunch of hams! Especially this one. . .




Before the boys went to bed I attempted to get a nice picture of them in their new matching jammies. Ethan wanted nothing to do with taking a picture with his brother.


Finally after a dozen bad pics & a lot of coxing I finally got this one.


Then they were off to bed to wait for Santa to arrive. Ethan was asleep within 5 minutes!!