January fun!

Well, as usual it has been very busy here at the Weisser household. This week Ethan had his 6 month check up with his ENT dr. and we are happy to report that his tubes are still in place & look great! I was nervous since he had an ear infection in December. But thank goodness they look good! His ENT shared some of his own good news with us while we were there, he is going to be in Time magazine this summer because he is one of five doctors that are doing somekind of special new surgery for throat cancer patients. I think that's really something for a doctor practicing in such a small area of upstate NY.

~Fun with friends~

A few weeks ago we had our monthly get together with our good friends the Camenga's. It's always a very fun day! The boys had a lot of fun playing in Grace's room, even tho Grace wasn't in the room with them most of the time! They decided to get into her dress up cloths, they were being awfully silly!!

Look at these pretty little princesses! Yes Seamus is wearing little pink high heels! And Ethan has sparkly rings on. What wierdos!

We weren't going to be able to see Grace for her birthday so we gave her an early birthday present.

I saw this cabbage patch doll & fell in love. I had to get it for her! I loved my cabbage patch dolls when I was little. I actually still have them, Patricia & Michael. I love getting to buy little girl stuff, since I am overwhelmed with trucks, trains, & tools in our house! I'd probably be in major financial trouble if we had a girl!

Every visit before we part we always torture ourselves to get pics of the kids together. Gracie loves getting her picture with baby Collin.

And the boys are always being too silly to take a nice picture. Usually tackling each other. This time Ethan decided to give Seamus a ''wet willy''. A lovely little trick daddy decided to teach him!

~Sledding fun~

A few weeks ago we took the boys out sledding for the first time. Ethan had a ball!!! We got a large sled that all four of us could go on at the same time. My camera battery died so I was only able to get a couple of shots. Ethan also got an awesome blow up snowmobile sled for Christmas form Aunt Kari & Uncle Beau that he had a ton of fun on. He insisted on starting at the top of the hill and going down all by himself. He went whizzing down that hill & wanted to do it again & again! I was able to get a video but I cant seem to figure out how to post videos yet.

Daddy & Collin ready for take off. Collin wasn't really sure what to make of it all!

~Look at me!~

Look who is quite the big boy now! He has been pulling himself up to stand! I really think he's gonna skip crawling & go straight to walking. Scary! We were really spoiled by Ethan's delayed walking. (I think all of us parents of LP would agree.) Cause once they start your always on the go!

He was having lots of fun playing in the laundry basket, while I was trying to fold the laundry.

Collin is also now waving hi & bye. And after he waves he starts clapping his hands & saying "Yay". He's so proud of himself!


A Happy New Year!

This New Years Eve we had a small gathering at our house. Just a few of our good friends and their kids. We have all gotten to the point in our lives that going to bars on New Years Eve & partying just doesnt appeal to any of us anymore. Personally, I dont think having a hang over is fun when you have kids and they are playing with loud toys, crying & yelling. So instead we all make some picky foods and have a drink or two, play games & just hang out.

The kids all had a great time. They were party animals! Surprizingly they all made it past midnight! As you can see they had toys everywhere! That's ok, they were having fun!

Ethan, Alex & Althea

Althea & Alex

Brucker, Alex & Ethan


Here's Collin & his girlfriend Amelia. They are rather fond of eachother. We've already set up an arraiged marriage!

Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve. And hope everyone sticks to their resolutions this year! I personally decided it was better to set some goals instead of making resolutions and breaking them like I have done every year in the past. So far I'm doing pretty good sticking to the goals I've set. Lets see in a month if I can still say that!