Ethan & Mommy. . . our day of fun!

Sunday Ethan and I enjoyed some mommy & son quality time together! And boy oh boy did we have fun!!! We went with some friends to check out this great new place that opened up about 20 minutes from here called Rough & Tumble. It's an awesome place!! They have so many fun things for the kids to enjoy including bounce houses, a big chalk wall & a huge climbing tunnel maze thing ( I have no clue what the technical name for it is). Which mommy had to climb to threw the whole tunnel maze thing w/ him! WOW! What a workout!! It only cost $8.oo for Ethan to get in & Mommy's get in for free!! We were there for about 2 & 1/2 hours! $8.00 Well Spent!!!

{ The tunnel @ the top of the tunnel maze! Like 20+ feet in the air! He got brave!}

{ He refused to go down slides last year! Today, no fear!! }

{ He tried real hard to climb the rock wall }

{ Ethan & his buddy Alex jumping around in the inflatable play yard }

While we were there I was very excited to see a LP mom & her two LP kids come in. Not being a very forward person, I wasnt sure if I should approach them or not. When Ethan saw her he came over to me & whispered " mommy, look, a little-big lady". I guess that was his way of saying an older little person. I asked him if he wanted to go over & say hi to her but he said "no thank you!" so I didnt push it! But a few minutes later he happened to be playing in the same section as her daughter (who is probably about 12-14 yrs. old) & I hear her say "look how cute he is mom". He got all shy & hid his face in my leg, so this was my opportunity to introduce ourselves. After talking with her for a few minutes I found out she lives about 45 minutes from us & that we have a common acquaintance. Before leaving we exchanged business cards so hopefully we will keep in touch! =)

After leaving the Rough & Tumble we went for a late lunch @ Friendly's. Ethan loves Friendly's!! Especially because he thinks it's fun to sing the song from their commercials! We had such a great day together! It's nice getting to spend quality time just the two of us every once in a while. He exhausted me so much that I took a two hour nap when we got home!!

Such a fun day!


Elmo makes music {& my kids dance!}

A few weeks ago we took the boys to see Seseame Street Live~Elmo makes Music!. For over a month before we went everytime the commercial for the event came on Ethan would say "Mommy, I wanna see that BIIIIIIG -HUUUGE Elmo again !" Last year we took him to see Super Grover & he had a blast! And eventhough he was only 2 & 1/2 he remembers going!

They both had a ton of fun! They both danced & clapped. And Collin bounced & bounced & bounced! I swear this kid is filled w/ jumping beans! I am real glad we went, cause I really enjoyed seeing how much fun they had!

Daddy & Ethan bought Collin a stuffed Big Bird doll. {He loves to chew on his beak!} Last year Ethan got a Elmo doll, which he loved until we got home & he threw him on the floor & never really touched him again! {He's never been a stuffed animal kid- all trucks, trains, & tools!} But Fred had to get it for them because he remebers going to see Sesame St. with his dad when he was little & he still has his Grover doll his dad got him.

Poor Grover is looking a little rough these days! He's like 30 years old!