Singer in a Tribute band????

Ethan has found a new love besides AC/DC he is now a fan of Johnny Cash!! I wonder if his love for older music will inspire him to be a singer in a tribute band later on in life!


Silly Little Monkey Man!

Collin is seriously such a silly, silly little boy! He is getting so big so fast! He is almost 2 now and doing things that amaze us everyday! I have been calling him "Monkey" since he was only a few weeks old, and he seriously is a little monkey! He's always climbing, running, jumping, and actually walks around sometimes saying "oo-oo aa-aa, oo-oo aa-aa"!

Neither of the boys ever liked stuffed animals much. They never had a "comfort item" like a blanky or "lovey". But about 1 month ago I happened to come across a bag in the closet w/ some of my dolls & stuffed animals from when I was little & found "Chee- Chee". "Chee- Chee" was my FAVORITE was I was little, it is a "Moncheche"(dont know if thats how to spell that) monkey. I showed it to Collin & from that moment he rarely parts w/ "Chee-Chee"! If he happens to set it down & cant find it he will call for it! "Chee-Chee arrrrrrr ouuuuuu?????" He cant go to bed w/ out it now. We've had to take it into restaraunts! I am so afraid now of something happening to it since there is NO WAY I could find a replacement! The thing is 30 years old! It's dirty, but I am so afraid to wash it cause I dont want it to disintegrate!

His new thing this week is walking around holding all 3 of his "binkies" & switching which one is in his mouth!

Every night this is how he has to go to bed! With all of his monkeys, his monkey blanket & his monkey book!

And here are just a few silly pictures!


Fun start to the New Year!

Toady started out as just a lazy day at home, taking down the Christmas tree & cleaning, but ended up being much more! It was a rather warm day for this area at this time of year (like 35 degrees), so we decided to round up our neighbor friends and go SLEDDING!!! About a block away from our house is the high school and there is a great hill to sled on. So we all bundled up, grab some sleds & hit the snow!
Here are a few pic from our fun day!
Collin all bundled up like the kid from the Christmas Story (I cant put my arms down)! Poor kid fell over & couldn't get up himself!
Here is daddy pulling him up the hill.

Ethan & his girlfriend Kiara racing down the hill.

Ethan being silly w/ Carolyn.

Ok . . . now it's time for mommy & Collin to have some fun!

We were all exhausted from sledding so we had a little snowball fight!
Collin tried real hard to make his own snowballs!

After everyone came back to our house for some hot cocoa & to play a few Wii games. A great 1st day of a New Year! Hope everyone else had a wonderful January 1st!!
Yet again this year I did not make any "resolutions", instead I am aiming to reach a few "goals". One goal is to try to blog on a regular basis! Lets see if I can do it!