Spreading Dwarfism Awareness


The last week in September I had arranged for guest speakers to come to Ethan’s school to spread to work about dwarfism. The speakers were our friends Nicole & Vince DePaul from our Local LPA chapter. They did a fabulous job giving the kids all kinds of dwarfism facts. They opened the floor to all of the kids so they could ask them questions. I was completely amazed at all the great questions the kids had!



At the end of the assembly Nicole & Vince asked Ethan to come up on stage. He thought that was great! & the kids acted like he was a rock star!!




Myself & the school have gotten great feedback from this assembly! Ethan even came home asking me questions!! And he now thinks Nicole & Vince are super cool! I highly recommend all parents of grade school kids look into doing this in your school! It has made a huge impact on the kids in our school!


Where did summer go???

Wow…It’s hard to believe that summer has come & gone already!! I have really been slacking on this blogging thing!! I wont bore everyone with a long drawn out post. I’ll just share some photos with quick captions of what we did over the summer!


june-july2011 038

Ethan got his new bike for Easter & now cruises just as fast as the other kids!!

june-july2011 039

june-july2011 040june-july2011 043

We spent almost every weekend at camp & had a great time! We have made some amazing friends there. Lots of friends & family came up to camp & visited.

june-july2011 054

june-july2011 055

june-july2011 058june-july2011 059

Lots of days spent on the beach!

june-july2011 063june-july2011 068june-july2011 074


june-july2011 077

Took the boys to the drive in to see Cars2. They loved it! What’s better than a pizza & a movie outside?!

june-july2011 078



Love just sitting on the dock on a beautiful day! So peaceful!




We helped put on our neighborhood block party again this year. This year we learned from last year & got e-z up canopies to shade people & the food from the scorching heat! I also got a bounce house for the kids (& adults). All the kids got to ride their riding the street. We also had a huge water balloon fight. It was so much fun!




The boys got swimming lessons from our camp friends & now they aren’t so afraid of the water!




We met up with the Camenga family at the Adirondack Animal land for some a fun day!



Ethan turned 6!!


This year he wanted a dirt bike / 4wheeler / motocross birthday. But he also wanted a swimming party. So luckily Grammy & Grampy have a great pool that we could use!


All he really really really wanted for his birthday was a 4wheeler. Well he got one! Just a battery operated one. Maybe… when he proves he’s more responsible we can get a real gas powered one…



We were fortunate enough to be able to go witness the revealing of The Korpai family’s Extreme Home Makeover home!! The Korpai’s are a LPA family we have met & they were fortunate enough to get picked to get a new house! They live about 3&1/2 hours from us & there was no way we could miss such a great event! So I got my sister & the boys & we drove down for the day. What an unbelievable experience!! The show airs this Sunday on the ABC network!! We should be in a lot of the shots of when the family arrives & the reveal of the LPA room in their home! (We arent supposed to post pictures of the house before it airs on t.v.)

Extreme home makeover 001Extreme home makeover 004Extreme home makeover 006

Extreme home makeover 012Extreme home makeover 013Extreme home makeover 023

Extreme home makeover 028

Extreme home makeover 030

Extreme home makeover 032Extreme home makeover 033Extreme home makeover 041

Welcome Home Korpai family!!!

Extreme home makeover 050


And that was about it for us this summer… I will leave you with pictures of Ethan on his first day of 1st grade!! I cant even believe 1st grade already…{{snif}}

sept 2011 002sept 2011 004