Another day w/ the bestest of friends!


Yesterday we had our monthly visit with the Camenga family. As usual a nice laid back day for the adults while the children run around, play & have fun. & I got to enjoy a lot of Liam squishing!!

Not sure why but we never seem to think about taking pictures until the visit is almost over. Here I caught Collin & Grace so nicely watching Toy Story together.



The whole gang!


Ethan could not wait to hold baby Liam, he asked me all day when he could have a turn! But he was quick to pass him off when he started crying!



Poor Collin always seems to get to hold him when he’s crying!


Can’t wait til next time!


Team Work


Last week I talked my parents into getting us a new kitchen table & chair set for Christmas. & then I talked them into giving it to us a little early so we could use it during the holidays. The table we had, we had bought from the man we bought our house from (almost 10 yrs ago) & it only had 3 chairs. Collin is getting to the point that he doesn’t want to sit in the hi-chair seat anymore so we really needed something new.

Before the table was put together the boys had a great time being “construction workers” & trying to figure out how to get the box open. They kept singing the Wonder Pets song “Whats gonna work? Team Work!” 


They had their “work helmets” (bike helmets), flashlights, & “work boots” (rain boots) on. They had a rope to tie it down & kept measuring it w/ their little measuring tape.

Here’s the table put together!


The perfect fit for our small corner area.