POLP Weekend

As many of you have already heard about & seen pictures from Facebook & Emily, Kim, Melissa & Amanda’s blogs we had an awesome POLP weekend vacation! Thanks so much to Jenn for organizing the whole trip! It was so much fun!

WARNING LOTS OF PICTURES!!!! (So I will keep the captions to a minimum!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

DAY 1- Dutch Wonderland

It ended up being a beautiful day to go to the amusement park! Although it did get real hot & humid, it was overcast most of the day so it wasn’t scorching hot!

dutch wonderland 001

  dutch wonderland 007

I am so extremely surprised at my little dare devil children & all of the rides they went on! Especially the Tilt-a-Whirl! Seriously how can these kids get car sick & puke all over the car, but can ride the Tilt-a-Whirl & be completely fine?!? And want to ride it again!!

dutch wonderland 002 dutch wonderland 009


 dutch wonderland 008

“So. . What you having for lunch??”

 dutch wonderland 011 dutch wonderland 012

Relaxing boat ride

dutch wonderland 025 dutch wonderland 026

It was really hard to get everyone in one shot! But I think I got everyone!

dutch wonderland 036

dutch wonderland 038


dutch wonderland 039 dutch wonderland 043 dutch wonderland 054 dutch wonderland 055 dutch wonderland 056 dutch wonderland 058

The water park was tons of fun!

 dutch wonderland 062

Silly lil boys! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Day 2- Hershey Chocolate Factory

dutch wonderland 063

Good morning! Collin was so pooped after the park he fell asleep in the car & slept thru a diaper change & thru the night. He slept for almost 13 hours!!!

dutch wonderland 064

Ethan decided he couldnt go to be until I did, but was the last one up in the morning!

hersey 001

“Come on guys! We need Chocolate!!!”

 hersey 002 hersey 005

Trace was such a great friend & brought tons of trucks for everyone to play with!!

 hersey 006hersey 009

Group shots

hersey 014

Mama group pic

 hersey 017 

 hersey 018hersey 019

Since we had just gone to Hershey in November we only hung out for a little while & then hit the road! But before heading home we first made a pit stop at the Outlet mall & got some amazing deals!!! The perfect ending to a great weekend!

We had a great time! Just wish there was more time for us all to really be in one spot to chat w/ eachother & for the kids to play! It’s hard having that many kids & not be pulled in 100 different directions! But looking forward to next time!! Wish we all lived even closer so we could do this all the time!!

Thanks again Jenn!! You did a great job organizing this!


Home away from home

Some of you may remember last summer our big family adventure was camping. Well you may also remember every time we went camping it didnt just rain, it POARED!!

This year we decided that it was just too hard to camp in a pop- up! It was great “starter experience” for us but . . between our work schedules & having to pack – unpack- set up- repack & Fred driving back home to work on Saturdays,  a pop up isn’t ideal for us! So we decided to take the plunge & buy a larger camper & set it up on a lot for the season. This way we can just pack food & cloths then drive less than 40 min. to “camp” when ever we want!

We ended up getting a super great deal on a 32 ft camper & found a great campground that is less than 40 minutes from home on a nice little Lake in the Adirondack Mts. It is so nice & peaceful! & it’s great because it’s close to home but at the same time it’s just far enough away!  

I attempted to take multiple shots almost like making a panoramic shot so everyone could get the idea of what it looks like.  

  camp 003 camp 004 camp 005

Kitchen w/ stove, oven, microwave, sink & TONS of storage cabinets. & there is a “slide out” that is the table & bench seats (turn into a bed) & a fold out couch.

camp 006   camp 009 

We have a separate bedroom w/ a queen size bed. & the boys have bunk beds, which they are real excited about!

camp 011 

And there is a full (but small) bathroom!

 camp 013camp 012

Our lot is a pretty decent sized space, w/ plenty of parking area, fire pit area, & a huge sand pit area for the boys to play in! If you look closely you can see Ethan digging in the sand in the pictures. We are also lucky enough to only have 1 neighbor right next to us, & 1 across the “road”.

 camp 014

It’s kind of hard to tell but this is our view of the lake (through the trees) from our site.

It’s nothing super fancy & extravagant, but it works for us right now! Someday we’d love to have a “real camp”. But until then this is just what we need just to get away from everything for a little while! Oh I did I mention there is NO cell service or WIFI! And if you can believe it,that actually makes me happy!! (But you know first thing I do when we get home is turn on the computer!)


FuN dAY aT tHe ZoO


Last year I decided to start a new Mother’s day tradition.  I decided that since the boys are still little & they wont be little forever, I want to enjoy taking them to the zoo at least once a year. & could there be a better day than Mother’s day to spend enjoying time with my boys having fun at the zoo?! & for more fun we invited my mom, my step dad, my sister & brother in law (to be) to join us.

Unfortunately, this year Mother’s day was such a cold nasty day, it actually snowed!! So we had to reschedule our day at the zoo! But we went this past weekend & we couldnt have had better weather!   


My little stud muffins!!  


lil Mr. Independent!

015   014

How many kids go to the zoo & would rather look at the construction equipment  than the animals!? 

020  022

“Hold my hand brother!”


Family pic w/ my sister & her fiancé


This niceness doesnt happen very often! Especially rare to catch it in a photo!


Me & my babies!

    030 031

We LOVE the penguins!!!

 032  035034 033  

After the zoo we enjoyed some more fun SHOPPING!! Cant be that close & not go to the Christmas tree shop! Love that place! And we ended our trip with a super delish dinner at Olive Garden! Yum!! Cant wait for next Mother’s day!!