The Weisser family. . .est Oct.28,2000

I just wanted to share our wedding photo with everyone. I can't even believe that tomorrow will be our 8th wedding anniversary! Time really does go by so fast!

We have had so much happen in 8 years. Just to name a few of the big things . . . . We bought our house a few months after the wedding. I opened my own salon in Nov. 2004. We were blessed with our first son Ethan in Aug. 2005. And this May our family was completed when we had baby Collin. We also have two great dogs, Tyler & Buddy!

But in total this will be our 15 year anniversary! 7 years of dating and 8 years of marriage! It doesn't seem possible! Yes we were "high school sweethearts". I was a freshman and Fred was a senior. Oh young love! (Someday I'll give everyone a good laugh with a pic from back then!)

We have many, many more years ahead of us! So much to look forward to! Watching our two wonderful boys grow up, someday get married themselves and begin their own families!


Tag. . . I'm It!

So after reading Emily's blog I see that I've been tagged!!!! So here's my story!

10 years ago, I. . . .
  1. was engaged to my now husband
  2. lived home with my parents
  3. had no real responsibilities!
  4. drove a 1991 Geo Storm, a.k.a my little match box car! (Thanks Shannon for the deal!)
  5. worked in a salon in Little Falls, NY
5 things on today's to do list. . . (actually tomarrow since today is almost over)
  1. FINALLY meet my nephew!!!! (Little Robert is making his first trip to NY form St. Louis)
  2. laundry! (everyday!!!!!)
  3. meet my friend Michele for lunch
  4. Make Fred's fav scalloped potatoes for dinner
  5. bake chocolate chip cookies w/ Ethan
5 things I'd do if I was a millionaire. . . .
  1. become a stay at home mom
  2. buy a piece of land and build a big new house
  3. give my old house away
  4. Ensure my boys are set for the future
  5. not have to worry about how we are gonna pay for Ethan's doctor (specialists) appointments!!!!!!! oh. . . and tell the insurance company to kiss it!!!!
5 places I've lived. . .
  1. Ilion, NY
  2. Steele St Herkimer, NY
  3. N. Main St. Herk.
  4. Maple Grove Ave. Herk.
  5. yet to be determined. . . . .
So now I guess it's my turn to do the tagging! So I tag Jennifer G. ,Mandy, Melissa S. ,and Jamie M.

Little Firemen

Ethan's new favorite things to do are play dress up
and use his very creative imagination!!! He loves
dressing up like a fireman and driving his (pretend)
firetruck.He really cracks us up with how
imaginative he is!

Grammy and Grampy got him this awesome fire helmet
and hose for his birthday. And we found this great
costume at Target. He says he just will wear it at home
for dress-up, but he doesn't want to wear it for Halloween!

Of course Collin had to be
apart of the fire team too!

Don't you just wanna squeeze him????


Our visit with the Camenga family

Every month we get together with our good friends Emily and Devon and their two wonderful kids, Seamus and Grace. Seamus is Ethan's best friend who also has Achondroplasia. They live an hour away from us and we get together once a month. The kids have so much fun together! It's great! As Devon said (and the boys repeated for a half hour) they are "two peas in a pod"!!

All week Ethan could not wait for his best friend Seamus to visit! He also could not wait to help daddy make a pile of leaves for him and Seamus to jump in! So Sunday morning he was so excited when daddy said he was going to rake the leaves! He had to get his own rake and help!

The kids could not wait until after dinner to get outside and play! And it was such a beautiful fall day! We couldn't have asked for better weather!

They couldn't wait to run
out and jump into that pile!

Who needs

Oh to be a
kid again!

Grace and Collin
relaxing on the
swing together.

The boys ended a fun day
with cookies and their pj's!

Ethan was so exhausted that he fell asleep on the couch 5 minutes after they left! (so did I, that's why no pic of him! LOL!)


Finally blogging!

After countless attempts we are finally blogging!!!! Hooray! For some reason I felt like I needed to tell everyone every detail about us and then realized I'd be here a really long time! So instead I will just start with the present instead of the past!

Thursday was Ethan's first day back in nursery school. He was so excited! He could not wait to get there with his new Batman "pack-pack" and his new coat. He is attending a program offered by our local B.O.C.E.S. Early Childhood Class. The class is taught by the high school girls learning to go into the career of education. He attended the 2 yr. old program there last year and loved it. The program runs from October until the end of May and is just 2 hours long on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All summer long he asked almost every morning if he was going to school.

When the kids arrive they have to hang their coats, hats and back packs in their cubby then wash their hands before they can begin to play. As soon as we got there Ethan marched into the classroom like he hadn't ever left! He hung up his stuff, washed his hands and then he turned to me and said "bye mom"! It was heartbreaking but i was glad that he was comfortable and happy being there again. When I went back to pick him up a few of the student teachers asked me if I was Ethan's mom, when I said yes they all started going on & on about how cute he is and how much they love him! They also said he walked around as if he owned the place! I said "yep thats Ethan"!

Collin (a.k.a. Brother and Monkey) is just a very happy little boy! He is always smiling, laughing, and kicking his feet. He kicks his feet so much that he never can seem to keep his socks on. I believe he is doing this so that he can uncover his favorite toy. . . .his piggy toes! Every morning the first thing he does when he wakes up is kick his feet up into the air grab onto them and smile! It's as if he's making sure they are still there!

Oh Boy! Piggies!!!!

Every morning the boys love to watch "Jack's Big Music Show" and Ethan's new favorite cartoon " Sid the Science Kid".

Well I guess that's all for now. I plan to keep posting regularly to keep everyone updated on what's new with us.