Ethan's Nursery School Graduation

Ethan graduated from his Nursery school on Thursday. He loved his school & his teachers so much. He isn't completely understanding why he isn't going to be going to school anymore. The school program was great. He had 2 adult teachers & 16 student teachers. The student teachers are highschool girls learning about the field of Early Childhood Education.

Here he is getting his little "diploma".

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ w/ all of his "Ladies" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mrs. Fragetta~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He also had a few little girl friends in his class.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Kiera ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Torri & Kendall~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The kids all sang a few of the little songs they sang all year. These videos are Ethan's two fav songs!


Collin is walking!!

For about 3 months Collin has been cruisin the furniture. And for a couple of weeks he has been taking 3-4 steps on his own. I thought for sure he would have started walking on his own before his 1st birthday. It took until about a week & a half after turning 1 & he is now officially walking!!

This Wednesday Collin officially started walking! During the day, while hanging out w/ Grampy & Aunt Kari, he took 8 steps. Then once we got home that night he took a few more & a few more & a few more until he walked from the middle of the living room into the dining room {over 25 steps}. He is now just walking around like it's no big deal as if he's been doing it forever!! It's so amazing that once they figure out how to do something they just master it so quickly!

Below is a video. I ended up having to do it through Smile box because I wasnt able to rotate it on any other uploader.

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Our lil Monkey is One!

Last Saturday the 2cd was Collin's 1st birthday!!! I can't even believe my baby is already 1!! Time really does fly!

Sunday celebrated w/ our family & friends & had his party. Since I have been calling him "Monkey" since he was only a few weeks old {& now friends & family call him that too}, & I seem to be drawn to anything I see w/ a monkey on it, it was only fitting to have a monkey themed party! We had monkey balloons, monkey centerpieces surrounded by bananas, & I made him a monkey cake.

I spent quite a bit of time Saturday night making the monkey cake. I was very excited about how good it turned out.

I made each of the kids little goody bags. I filled them w/ monkey bracelets, little monkey cups filled w/ animal crackers, pudding snacks, applesauce, m&m's, & twizzlers {a few of my kids fav things}. They were a big hit!

The tags on the goody bags read-
" Thanks for swinging over to have some fun
and celebrating our little monkey turning one!"

Here is a little slideshow I put together of the party. Enjoy!

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