aPplE pIcKiNg

This weekend we went apple picking for the first time. We finally were going to have a Sunday w/ good weather, & I really wanted to get out & enjoy it! I did some research online & found an orchard about 35 min. from us that allows you to pick your own, and they were having a "Sundae on the farm" day. They were giving free ice cream sundaes, had activities for the kids, horse drawn hay rides thru the corn fields, animals, and much more.

Checking out the pigs! They were named H1 & N1! {Seriously!}
And watching the hay rides go past. Ethan refused to go on one, until they stopped running. Then of corse he wanted to go for a ride!

Apple picking was so much fun! Ethan loved Daddy lifting him up into the trees!

Collin couldnt wait to get his hands on an apple!

And eat it!!! Yummy "bapple" {thats how he says apple!}

Then he decided he wanted to pick some too! He found one @ his height & decided to take a bite before taking it off the tree!

Ethan found a good one @ his height too!

Just hanging out in the trees! Fun!!!

After we finished picking we enjoyed some music on the lawn.

And free ice cream sundaes!

We had such a great time! Can't wait to do it again next year!


Ethan's 1st day of Pre K

Today was Ethan's first day of Pre K. He has been very excited all summer waiting to go to "big boy" school. But of corse the when it came to the first morning, he decided he didnt want to go! After a few minor meltdowns, we finally got out the door & on our way!

Mr. Studmuffin gettin all spiffy for the ladies!

Future GQ cover model ??!!

Ok, I guess I'll go! But I'm not gonna like it!!

He seriously made every excuse possible why he couldnt go today! My 2 favs were "but I didnt finish getting growd up yet, I cant go til I all growd up!!" & as we were driving up to the school he noticed they havent finished the remodeling project, so he says "look, thems not done buildin it yet! I cant go to school today. . . . cause it's not fixed yet!!"

Dispite all of the excuses, the minute we walked into the school he marched right into his classroom, went straight to his cubby & hung up his stuff, & ran to join in on circle time! I actually dont think he even said good-bye to us! {sniff, sniff}

Schools out!!

& "mommy, I had fun!" {me} "so, do you wanna go back tomarrow?", {Ethan} "Uhhhh, YEAH!"

The school has been awaiting Ethan's arrival! Since Grampy {my step dad} just retired recently from working for the school, Auntie "A" {my sister} is now working there, & I have a bunch of school employees as clients, the school has known all about him. His teacher had already done a few great "homemade" adaptions in his classroom last year because there was another little boy in her class that also has achondroplasia. She had the hooks in 1 cubby lowered, strings attached to the door handles so he can open them himself, a stool attached to 1 chair for his feet to rest on so they dont dangle, & a back rest on the chair. But since it is Pre K almost everything is at his level right now. But if anyone has suggestions of good school adaptions that will be helpful in the few years I would greatly appriciate it if you'd share them with me so I can pass them along to the school. :0)