Spreading Dwarfism Awareness


The last week in September I had arranged for guest speakers to come to Ethan’s school to spread to work about dwarfism. The speakers were our friends Nicole & Vince DePaul from our Local LPA chapter. They did a fabulous job giving the kids all kinds of dwarfism facts. They opened the floor to all of the kids so they could ask them questions. I was completely amazed at all the great questions the kids had!



At the end of the assembly Nicole & Vince asked Ethan to come up on stage. He thought that was great! & the kids acted like he was a rock star!!




Myself & the school have gotten great feedback from this assembly! Ethan even came home asking me questions!! And he now thinks Nicole & Vince are super cool! I highly recommend all parents of grade school kids look into doing this in your school! It has made a huge impact on the kids in our school!