Ethan’s Pre K Graduation


Last week Ethan had his PreK graduation. It was a really cute little ceremony. They sang a few really adorable songs. As usual Ethan had to be “Mr. Entertainer” and completely stole the show!! I am beginning to think he’s meant to be on stage! Through the whole ceremony he kept giving us “thumbs up” & “peace signs”. During the silly songs they sang he was dancing all over. At the end of one song he actually jumped up & did a split! He was cracking everyone up!

(Some of the pictures are a little blurry because I had to zoom in & crop them so it was easier to see him) 

pre k graduation 008 pre k graduation 017002

Thumbs up


Double Peace Signs

pre k graduation 005

Another thumbs up!


Double thumbs up!

pre k graduation 023

Just chillin waiting for his turn to get his certificate

pre k graduation 025 pre k graduation 026

Those lil legs had a long walk across that stage to get his certificate!

 pre k graduation 032

His Wonderful teachers!

pre k graduation 033

Collin wanted in on picture time!

pre k graduation 035

His buddy Erik

 pre k graduation 036 pre k graduation 038

His “girls” Kendall & Melia

 pre k graduation 039 pre k graduation 041

Collin stole Ethan’s cap, he kept saying “mine hat. . . no Ethan’s. . Mine!”

 pre k graduation 042

The handsome lil graduate!

pre k graduation 044

pre k graduation 045


Now on to Kindergarten!