All of October!

I know, I am way . . way. . way behind in blogging! It's just been so busy here! So I'm gonna do my best to keep this post short & sweet, eventhough there is a bit of stuff to stick in it!

Here are my fav pics from our October visit with the Camengas!

Collin being Mr. Independant walking down a big hill all by himself!

This pic of Grace is just so beautiful!! Doesnt she look like such an angel?

Ethan & Seamus refused to let me get a good pic of them together, so I told them i'd just get a pic of their butts! So what did they do. . . both bent over & showed me their butts! Such wackos!

Here are the boys after we carved pumpkins!

Trick or treat!
This year Ethan decided back in June that he wanted to be a cowboy for Halloween. He never once changed his mind. So I thought it would be fun & easy to make his costume. After buying the fabric & all of the accessories I dove right in! Not too far into the project I realized I was crazy! What the heck was I thinking?!?! I am crafty, but not that crafty! Everytime I get my sewing machine out I want to throw it across the room! So Ethan & I sat down & looked online & found the perfect cowboy costume!

And the only sewing that needed to be done was the chaps had to be shortened, but that was easy enough to stick by hand.
This year Collin was a monkey! Surprized?!

Love the shot from behind with his cute lil tail & bannana in his pocket!

After trick or treating we met up with some friends at our local Firestation for a Halloween party.

And here are just a couple of pix from the day the boys went out to play in the leaves & help daddy leaf blow the yard.

So much fun!

Hope everyone had a great October! I promise I will post for November very soon!