Christmas 2011


It has been our little Christmas Eve tradition to “track” Santa on the computer while we put out milk & cookies for him. This year it was really cute to listen to the boys have a conversation about Santa & how he can deliver all of the presents in one night.  

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The right before bed we always try to get a nice picture of them both in their Christmas jammies in front of the tree. Every year this is pure torture! They wont smile at the same time, they wont stay still, one doesn’t want to take a picture, etc…. This year on top of all of that, I was still trying to figure out my new camera to get the right setting for the picture. Well these are as good as I could get!

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Well then they were off to bed. Think it only took them moments to fall asleep this year!

Santa has arrived!!

December 2011 120

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This year Ethan asked for another item that DOES NOT EXIST!!! A Ford F350 truck with a V-plow. Santa ( I ) spent months looking for this item! I don’t know a kid that has such specific toy requests! Well Santa was able to find one (tiny one) that had to be special ordered from a toy maker in Ohio. But was disappointed because it wasn’t exactly what he wanted. So Santa’s head elf (Fred) spent a few hours custom making v-plows to connect to two larger Ford trucks. Ethan was ecstatic!!

December 2011 125

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Collin really only wanted a Garbage truck! He got 2!

December 2011 132

Ethan’s #2 Santa list item was a Polaris snowmobile.

December 2011 133

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I cant believe how fast they tore threw those gifts & how much wrapping paper was all over!!

December 2011 142

Santa had one present hiding for each of them. Ethan’s was the big Ford F350 with V-plow. When he opened it he yelled out “Holy SHHHOOOOOTTT”!  Then he looked up in the air & said “Thanks Santa! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

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Unfortunately I had woken up that morning not feeling so great. & by the time the boys finished opening their gifts I was much worse! I think I had a 12 hour flu. My entire body hurt, I had fever, chills & nausea. It was awful! I spent the entire day on the couch. And we were the ones hosting Christmas dinner for everyone! Luckily I had prepped everything the night before, so Fred & my mom just had to get everything out & warmed up. We don’t do a big meal anymore on Christmas day, just a lot of picky stuff & pasta dishes in crock pots, that are out all day so people can eat whenever they get hungry. It’s gotten too hard to have a big sit down dinner when everyone is in & out going from house to house all day & you cant plan on a time to have dinner that works for everyone. Plus I don’t want to have to spend the entire day cooking & cleaning up when I want to be relaxing & enjoying watching my kids play with all their new gifts.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Year’s Eve! I swear in 2012 I am going to try to blog more often! And keep up with everyone else’s blogs!

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Emily Camenga said...

I'm so glad it worked out with the Ford and plow! Fred to the rescue! Love those cute pajamas too! So sorry you weren't feeling well on Christmas :-(

Sarah said...

Hi, Jen! Just looking at your blog for the first time. Love all the Christmas photos. Your boys are adorable!

Caden and Mommy said...

Love the boys matching PJ's ... so cute. Isn't it tricky figuring out all these settings on these fancy camera's?!
Adorable that Ethan got his dream gift ... the specifics that Caden remembers in his gift requests always amaze me, especially since half the time I cant remember what I wore yesterday.
Sorry you were sick, that sucks ...but outside of that looks like it was the perfect Christmas :o)

Kim said...

Ok I am dying over the YouTube video of Ethan singing. He is such a ham!!! Laughing! So cute. Props to the elf for saving Christmas. Ethan was quite specific in what he wanted. Garbage trucks-much easier. Cute cute pictures in their pjs. I think Preston tore his gifts open in record time too this year. So when's the wedding? Can't wait to come! LOL