Twas the night before Christmas


This year Ethan’s class put on an adorable Christmas play. It was “Twas the night before Christmas”. He was chosen to be a stocking, which he was very disappointed in because the stockings “didn’t get to do anything, but just stand there!” I told him he it didn’t matter what part he had, that he would be great regardless! I told him to go out there & be the best stocking up there! Well the first few minutes he did great, but after a few minutes of standing still what 6 year old can keep standing around doing nothing? Well he was getting antsy, he danced when the other kids danced,flung his stocking “costume” around, & leaned against the cardboard chimney that the stockings were “hung” from, almost knocking it over a few times. But when the play was over & he no longer had to stand still, all the kids got together & sang a really cute song. This is my first attempt at a youtube upload so I really hope it works! It is really cute! Sorry the camera is so unsteady. I had Collin hanging off of me while I was taping & I couldn’t stop laughing during a few parts! This is the link-


The stockings were hung….

December 2011 060

When Santa “came down” the chimney….

December 2011 064

The cutest lil stocking!!

December 2011 077


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Caden and Mommy said...

He didn't want to be a stocking ... love it! Love Ethan :o)